Summer Postcards

We're very encouraged by the enthusiastic participation in this project. It's especially impressive getting fab postcards from those students for whom this project is purely optional, including all of the following! Thanks and please keep them coming! Postcard from Omar Karaali (HND2 progressing to Advanced Diploma)

Another postcard from Omar

Postcard from Amanda Griffiths (HND2 progressing to Advanced Diploma)

Postcard from Charlene Wilson (HND2 progressing to Advanced Diploma)

4 postcards from Robert Donegan (HND2 progressing to Advanced Diploma)

Front and back of postcard from Rosie Conlon (joining Fast Track)

Postcard from Lee-Ann Cardle (joining Fast Track)

Anothet postcard from Lee-Ann

A third postcard from Lee-Ann

Another postcard from Chris

Postcard from Lynsey McCammon-Doran (NQ progressing to HND1)

Postcard from David MacLellan

Another postcard from David

A third postcard from David

One of many postcards sent by Bryan Gallacher (joining NQ)