HND 1 Chic shopping

HND I students have been busy working on illustrations for a series of 'Chic' shopping guides to some of Europe's best shopping destinations. We know that there is no better shopping place in the whole wide world than Glasgow...but it's not good to be parochial so we included Barcelona, Paris, Milan, London and a few more capitals in the brief! The students have worked incredibly hard on this first illustration brief, and the results are fabulous! Have a look at these...

Artwork by Emma Stewart

Artwork by Christine Cumming

Artwork by Gareth Lindsay

Artwork by Jason Aitcheson

This is just a small selection of the superb work done by HND 1. Next week there will be more examples of 'The Chic Shopping Guide' illustrations posted on the blog, after all, we do all need to think shopping! Only 28 days left till Christmas... yikes!!!!