Work by HND1 for Art & Design Project

The choice of design briefs included corporate identity for a florist, packaging for a range of aromatherapy products, and postage stamps based on the elements of earth, air, fire and water. More great designs to follow when the files get handed in! Carrier bag for a florist, designed by Gareth Lindsay

Poster for a florist, designed by Angela Lastinger

Above: poster by Angela Lastinger

Van livery for a florist, designed by Shelle Delaney

Poster and flyer for a florist, designed by Andrew McGlone

Above: design by Andrew McGlone

Packaging design for aromatherapy range by Iain MacDonald

Postage stamps designed by Geraldine Traynor

Postage stamps designed by Miriam Ali

Postage stamps designed by Kenneth MacLean