Little Tin Soldier

HND 2A had a deadline today for their illustration project. The brief was to create a double page illustration for either The Little Tin Soldier or Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson. The Little Tin Soldier is a rather sad story of a little one legged Tin Soldier who falls in love with a paper ballerina, falls out of a window, is chased by a vicious rat, eaten by a large fish, returns to his love...and then is thrown into the flames of the luck!!! Just when you think things can't get any worse, a draught of air blows the little paper ballerina into the stove beside him...not quite the happy ending we had all hoped for, but that's fairy tales for you! If you want to read the full version read it here:

Crit deadlines usually result in a flurry of printing, corrections then more printing then mounting of work. It's true to say that nearly all students have a problem with the concept of 'a deadline is a deadline...' but we do try to encourage good practice... :)

Last minute colour printing in the CORE (computer resource area...)

Last minute mounting of finished work...

Plastic sleeves and masking tape at the ready.

Made the deadline...

Artwork by Brian Walker

Artwork by Solvejg Craig

Artwork by Dominique Murray

Artwork by Brian McGuinness

Artwork by Beth Keenan

Lots of great illustrations still to come...more of the little tin soldier and his ballerina love, and we haven't even started on Thumbelina and all the grief she had in her life... ;