Tutti Frutti

tutti Last night was the long anticipated Tutti Frutti fundraiser in support of the Steven Campbell trust. A brilliant night, but more of the details later…

The School of Digital Media have recently been working closely with Steven Campbell's widow Carol to assist her with fundraising for his Trust. Carol's daughter Lauren is a TV production student here at Cardonald so Lauren approached her lecturer to ask if maybe we could help with filming the event. Jim McIvor spends a lot of his spare time working with charities so immediately agreed and the Graphics team also pitched in to help Carol and Lauren. John Byrne astonishingly gave us permission to use his iconic artwork from the eighties classic series Tutti Frutti which allowed Kenny Reid to do a brilliant job designing the tickets and poster. It's amazing what can be achieved when there is good will from people; Karen McNee from Donald Murray Paper arranged the donation of superb mreal silver paper and card for the tickets etc. http://www.paperco.co.uk. For anyone who remembers the series; Danny McGlone played by Robbie Coltrane wore a silver suit to front the Majestics on their Silver Jubilee Tour. Vici put together a blog for the trust which you can find here: http://www.thestevencampbelltrust.com/ We've been scanning Carol's delightful photographs and posting for her. Have a look! Carol is a natural blogger and once we help her gain a little bit more confidence with the technical stuff she will be a force to be reckoned with in blogland!

The TV students have been incredibly busy over the past few weeks traveling all over the country interviewing and filming Steven's colleagues and friends. A short part of their film was shown last night to rapturous applause. I was immensely proud of their work, but not at all surprised by the quality because I know just how good this school is and what a talented bunch of students and staff we have! Alastair Scott had kindly allowed the students to use archive material from his 1986 BBC 2 film 'Two Painters Amazed' as part of their film. Alastair was hugely impressed at the skill demonstrated by the students both in the editing and production of the film and their professionalism  filming last night. He has suggested a collaboration between Napier and ourselves to finish the film about Steven. Why? because as Alastair eloquently put it last night "Cardonald students are top class…) Who knows maybe we will be seeing this film on the network soon - how cool would that be?

Last night began with Del Amitri followed by the Bluebells, I'm a bit hazy about who the rest of the live bands were because I didn't want to show my ignorance and keep asking who everyone was, better to just keep stumm and pretend you're a trendy music know it all…

Peter Capaldi was in great demand for photographs, especially by the Cardonald staff, I mean everyone just LOVES his alter ego Malcolm Tucker from 'The Thick of it" and John Byrne graciously signed a batch of posters which you can acquire for a donation of £10 - a limited edition John Byrne signed poster - WOW!  Either contact us here or over at the Steven Campbell Blog to snap one up before they are all gone. I've bought mine and it'll be going in a frame ASAP! Vici and her partner manned a Facebooth, this has got to be the best thing ever for any occasion! See below for a selection from the night. So, we will keep supporting Carol and her family and who knows where this might lead for our students and staff, there was certainly lots of networking going on last night! Oh, and look out on the Scottish news tomorrow night (Monday) I think there will be a short clip as STV were also filming!